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01632 viewsTigers are the largest of the biggest cats and the worlds second largest land carnivore, next to the polar bear. The Siberian tiger is the largest and the Bengal tiger is probably next in line. Here is a Bengal tiger pelt next to an average sized female leopard. The head is stuffed, it had its real skull in with additional debris and clay and plaster in place of muscle structure.

Strangely enough, within the head of the tiger were newspaper cuttings from the time of tanning in 1923. In another tiger pelt, newspaper cuttings were from the day that the Second World War ended, and had three different newspapers within it. Also was the tail of a canine! Maybe a wild dog or fox from India, There are many possibilities. There were also strips of leopard pelt, little paper bags and felt, along with loads of dry grass and clay.
02330 viewsThere is a big difference in size between leopards and tigers. Here two feet are together for comparison.
03293 viewsMy hand in comparison to the tiger.
04300 viewsWithin the tigers head were straw, rope, newspapers and paper bags along with a canine tail. This could have been from one of several fox or jackal species. It was grey with yellowish tinge to the ends of the hairs giving it a golden like appearance.
05299 viewsThe contents of the stuffed tigers head including a newspaper of the day the Second World War ended, and the tail with news paper bags and cuts of leopard skin.
06312 viewsThe tiger scull alongside a leopard scull. The tiger has the largest canine teeth of any land carnivore, and the largest of all the cats except the clouded leopard that has the largest in comparison to body size.
07312 viewsA European lynx (Lynx lynx) pelt (the larger) with an American bobcat.
07a282 viewsThis is a Serval (Felis serval) pelt. This small cat naturally lives over most of the African continent except the great deserts. It is lynx like with long legs, short tail and huge ears often with little tufts. More often the serval is orange brown with large markings.
08279 viewsErithristic badger (Meles meles). The Eurasian badger often comes in albino forms or erithristic forms, that is red or yellow colour replaces dark melanin. This animal was road kill in Weymouth in Dorset.
17276 viewsThis damaged pelt was handed to me by somebody who obtained it in the Philippines. As yet the species has not been identified.
17a271 viewsThis civet cat was a pet of a friend and was passed to me for taxidermy.
18257 viewsFisher martin (Martes pennanti ). This is the largest species of martin, like a big sable or small wolverine. It is found in North America and Canada is now rare as it was hunted for its pelt along with other martin species. It was farmed for a while but not popular as its breeding demands were not met with.
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