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16a158 viewsHere are the contents poured onto a leaf on my hand.
16b159 viewsThe dried specimens on a piece of paper.
17165 viewsI often receive fish from people and opening them up often reveals what the animal has eaten, or more often than not, its roe, or the eggs. This bass (Dincentrachus labrax) swallowed several lesser sand eels (Ammodytes tobianus ) and one Greater sand eel (Ammodytes lanceolatus).
18159 viewsThe grey Gurnard (Eutrigla gurnardus) has its egg mass .One can see the blood veins that attach to them.
19164 viewsA Pike (Esox lucius) shows her elongated mass of eggs. Also her last meal; a small rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri).
20167 viewsFour rabbit kits that came out of an albino common rabbit (see oddities in nature)were usual colouring. They are born blind and with only a slight covering of fur. They are born in a stop, a dead end tunnel within the perimeter of a rabbit colony. The nest is lined with the mothers belly fur, moss and grass. She can have up to ten.
21158 viewsA female brown hare was soon to give birth. She was killed by a vehicle on the road. She had just one leveret and here it is lying on her body. Unlike rabbit kits, leverets are born fully furred with eyes open. They need to be advanced to be able to run from predators, and so the mother can only cope with two.
22165 viewsA road killed muntjack deer (Muntiacus reevesi) shows the facial scent glands. This is where the musk is secreted from and various species of musk deer are used in perfume industries or for traditional Chinese medicine. The deer was pregnant, as they usually are, for they can produce two or three times a year having between one and three kits at a time. They have no distinct breeding season in their native lands especially if living in warm areas.
23170 viewsThe foetus of the unborn muntjack is cupped in my hand.
24166 viewsScavenging for road kill animals as I do is my way of living and finding edible or usable items is just one part of it, skinning and opening up the animals in another which often reveals the food items of the animals.

Here is a good batch of animals to find as they are all edible to me and usable for taxidermy purposes. Here are a brown hare, wild cat and a barn owl. Of course I dislike the amount of animals killed every day and night on roads. I absolutely hate the destruction of the natural world by humans but I use it.
25170 viewsInside the barn owl’s stomach were four shrews. Shrews are common food fro birds but not for mammals as like moles they process nasty tasting skin glands. Birds of prey usually swallow items like this whole so are not effected.
25a169 viewsThe pygmy shrew (sorex minutus) is really tiny in comparison to my hand.
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