2013… the year of evidence ?

Lets hope that this year, a new beginning will be for the large cat phenomenon, in regards to new team investigations, new websites, new ideas and more importantly liasings with conservation and biological departments that have the moral interests at hand .It has been so difficult for the last forty years to persuade and authorities that this is for real yet there is no escape npow. large cats have bred successfully in many areas of britain, causing a population explosion last decade.Large cats are common, in the way they can be.That does not mean that therte is a panther around every corner ! but there are far more cats out there than people have thought possible in the past.What is encouraging is the fact that more and more conservation bodies are actually beginning to open their eyes and ears to this issue. As more biologists, zoologists and other scientific professionals and amateurs see evidence for themselves, something will surely have to happen.What would be very wrong and undemocratic is if the government did their own investigations without including all the evidence and reports collected from the hundreds of folk who believed and did hard work over the many years. The data we have passed on may be used without out knowledge.A few universities have seen the potential and are helping out in a few good ways regarding analysis of field signs or other possible evidence. this is a start, lets hope it gets going and with good results.With more and more people purchasing ytrigger cameras and putting them out, it will not be long before we have the ideal smoking gun evidence, that will satisfy the skeptics and debunkers.With so many reports comming in from all across the nation, I cannot cope with them all, that is why there must be another organisation to collect reports from regional reps and store them on a database.The bcib did a good job with that to some degree. We now need something with far more body and structure and with proper agenda. Lets hope that gets going also.

My book is now almost completed; and I am searching for possible publishers.It has taken a ,lot longer than expected as there has been so much new data that I felt must be included, yet one has to draw a line somewhereĀ  .

After being involved in several media reports and publications, radio and other media, I have had so many reports from around Britain. this is brilliant , and as usuall, most reports are from people who know what they saw and were not mistaken in any way.There is a common type of report from people that is stereotypical in regards to content. Of all the reports I get, I class ninety percent of them genuine. I have had over thirty from dorset, Twenty from Hampshire, several from sussex, two from kent, five from north Wales, two from south Wales, Several from Bedford, four from Cams, which were of the genuine type.Many others may have been also genuine or misidentifications but because they were fleeting glimses, it is hard to tell. At the moment I am getting many reports of lynxes from all over the UK.Pumas are becoming more frequent within sightings, almost just as many reports of puma than of leopards or perhaps it would be more correct to say’ Large black ‘cats, many of which will be black leopards.


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  1. Hi there

    I thought that my recent experience would add to the theory of big cats in Dorset?

    Last week I was staying on Bere lane just outside Bishops Caundle on holiday with my wife, baby son & “baby” Springer Spaniel.

    One evening at dusk I was walking the dog down Bere lane, when, in the distance a silhouetted figure lept across the road some distance in front of me. It immediately unnerved me because of the nature of the leap, it just didn’t seem to be what you’d “normally” expect to see.

    The leap was more outstretched, front paws first, if you will, rather than the upward bound of a deer. The size of the animal in question, I would say was bigger than a large Alsatian dog and certainly more muscular.

    Having said this, it was dusk, and the figure was silhouetted some distance ahead of me so my sighting is by no means conclusive but what ever it was that jumped across the road ahead of me didn’t disturb the wood pigeons roosting in the tree above. I managed to do that just by walking passed quietly.

    • Hello . there was a report just down the road near Purse caundle last week and two weeks ago another report from the same area.Thanks a lot for that report, I hope to have more reports from that area.

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