Autumn update

This year has been an exceptional one in regards to all things big cat related.It would seem that peoples acceptance to the idea that we do indeed have wild living large cats is growing, not just within the public domain but professional also. More academics are coming on board, realizing that the evidence is more and more compelling.

One or two well known universities are to be helping out with various types of analysis regarding remains of cat eaten carcasses,T.P.A,(tooth pit analysis) and also D.N.A analysis from hairs.Myself, Rick minter and Frank Tunbridge have helped out in regards to specimens passed over for research. We wait with baited breath for results in the near future.

Many members of the public have also became detectives and and have followed up their own research by finding many large cat field signs. People are collecting scats and remains of kills throughout Britain. Many infrared trigger cameras have been placed in secret places throughout, trying to capture photographs or footage of these animals.There has been little success in regards to the later but there are many clips that show obvious cats, size is an uncertainty often , and even species. More often people are hearing cats calling.Screaming and wailing is the most commonly heard sound, but lately several people have heard roaring and sawing of leopards including myself while I was at the weird weekend in north Devon during August. For the first time ever I heard the distinctive sawing sound repeated three times during the early morning near Woolsery/Hartland area;at east two other people also heard the sounds.I had along with other members of the C.F.Z found field signs of large cats within the area in the past.

Two small I phone clips of video footage were sent to me from within Dorset with the sounds of two leopards interacting.Distinctive roars and growls can be clearly heard over the songs of common birds. On investigating the area I found the remains of a badger that had been eaten by a large cat.

Several other people from different areas of England had also found badger carcasses that had all the hallmarks of being eaten by cats, some in areas where cats had been seen or filmed or photographed.

Many sheep farmers have had livestock taken and although this is not usually of great concern to the farmers as they often have livestock die for one reason or another, but some farmers are being targeted many times . One farmer had eight large lambs killed within a season, and another had six taken. Throughout Britain , hundreds of sheep farmers have had livestock killed and eaten out within one night and in an un- usual way or in a typical way in which they have seen before, stimulating them to look into the matter further.Many farmers have seen he cats responsible, but what is most encouraging is the fact that most of them do not want to kill the cats; they actually like them despite their small loss of earnings. Most farmers are aware of their abilities to eat foxes, badgers, deer, hares rabbits and rats and see that as an asset, and something to admire and to keep.

A skull of a large cat, possibly lynx was found by a person.I have looked at it and concluded that it is genuine.The location is kept secret at the moment.

Many pictures of interesting things are to be put into my book of which I have basically finished writing, but keep adding good stuff as it comes my way.I am looking for a publisher now.

The summer growth of vegetation is dying back, trees are losing their leaves which means more sightings by people.Please feel free to pass on your sightings to me or the relevant investigators to your areas.

The knowledge in regards to these animals within are ecosystem is to be passed into society as a trickle of information, slowly gaining in strength as to not stress people out .We do not want people to panic.There is no reason to panic anyhow, but people are silly and jump to conclusions.

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  1. Hi.i live onthe Lancashire / cumbria border and run daily on the fell known as Holme park fell which leads onto farleton knott fell.while out yesterday On my regular route i came across sheep wool dotted about then further on a big pile and on further looking in the bush found the wool and skin of a sheep then my dogs discovered a carcass totally stripped of flesh and legs eaten off.! This wasn’t there the day before…also today the carcass had been dragged under a different bush..big cat sitings have been reported close to this area and I couldn’t think what else could have done this..could I be right?

  2. My fiancĂ©e was walking the dog today near burley in the new forest. She saw a large black animal from a distance and initially thought it was the size of a pony. She carried on walking and when she got to about 20 metres away she saw that the animal was carrying a deer carcass in its mouth. It was not looking at her but she could see the legs of the deer hanging from the mouth. The animal was black all over and did not pay her any attention. It seemed too large to be a dog and there were no other dog walkers in sight at that point. Unfortunately no photos – she turned around pretty quick and headed back to the car! I wondered whether you would find this useful. My guess would be a black panther.

    • That is a good sighting.If an animal is sen carrying the carcass of a deer then it could certainly not be a dog, fox, or any other animal but a large cat, and many people have reported seeing large brown or black cats carrying prey, either badgers, foxes, domestic animals and more often deer.The animal was most likely as a melanistic leopard, otherwise known as black panther

  3. i live in poundbury and saw a large black cat walk across a large high grass field bordering the A37 link road from the A35 at monkeys jump on Sunday before dusk…it went from the bushes one side across the field.
    the location on the map is tilly whim copse

    • Hi roger. Myself, Marc Eldridge(fellow large cat researcher)visited the area along with dorset daily echo reporters and were amazed at how much field evidence there was in the area.It would seem that there is some territorial markings within the fields alongside the woods and lanes.

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