Beware of debunkers

unfortunately as with most controversial subjects, especially those subjects dealing with the existence of any odd phenomenon or subject that science has not proven to exist, or refuses to acknowledge the existence off , there will be people busy doing all they can to debunk the subject; people hell bent on trying to put down people who are trying to tell the truth. some of these people are actually believers in such subjects but often due to them trying to get the message over have been put down by other people , maybe told to shut up and debunk others on the same quest.It is believed that one person in particular has an axe to grind. His name is Paul Patterson and was a worker at Glasgow zoo some time ago.He uses a variety of names such as Arron man or big cat man to name a few.He goes out of his way to debunk all people who are trying to educate the public regarding the existence of large cats within Britain, yet he once did a feature in a tabloid newspaper regarding the existence of such, and even stated that he believed that they were breeding.something has now changed so that whenever myself or my colleagues regarding big cat study in Britain post anything within the media, he jumps on it and really criticizes us. I ask all people not to take any notice of him,or other people who try their hardest to cover up this issue. There are also several other notable names who claim to be wildlife experts who also have no idea about the truth regarding large cats in Britain and because of their respect by the public, may be believed regarding their sceptic views on the subject. There is much evidence, and we can either just laugh in the face of these armchair academics !, or fight our way through it!

2 thoughts on “Beware of debunkers

  1. I believe a certain person does appear on a lot of big cat notice boards under different names. I have found it is better just to ignore him

  2. Another fantastic article Johnathan. You along with other a few other researchers are the reason some people are so passionate about this subject. I agree this guy need’s to be stopped. He’s started attacking our website lately too and started making silly pointless comments on out you tube channel too. We’ve subsequently blocked him on youtube as his entire activity there was to make the exact same comment’s on every British big cat video.
    Your doing a brilliant job and we’re really grateful for your hard work and dedication. Steve BBCRG

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