Big cats a global phenomenon

Many folk may think that the subject of out of place large Felids stops at the UK, but that is not so. Many other people who are involved in the subject will acknowledge the fact that it is world wide and especially in all western countries; this actually adds evidence  to the cause because it means that wherever humans have kept large cats, they have seemingly escaped, been let loose and then established themselves and often naturalised. Australia and New Zealand are two such places where the phenomenon has taken hold over a very long period of time similar to the UK. Of course the U.S.A would have had many cat keepers who had escaped animals or released them and so there are many reports of black panther type cats in the U.S.A. Many of these will surely be black panthers as they were kept just like they were in Britain and Australia.Some of the black cats seen maybe black pumas inbred due to small gene pools which will naturally conjure up recessive genes as this happens with many animal species that become inbred.this may have occurred in Britain also and other countries. But it is the European mainland now that is in the limelight regarding large cats and over the last couple of years many reports of leopards and puma like animals have surfaced from France, Spain, Germany at least . Many of these animals have been caught on camera, some of them on security cams within busy suburbs including Paris.The cat that was featured on YouTube a month or so ago is very interesting because one cannot decipher whether or not it is a puma or a leopard. the footage shows a large long leopard like cat without doubt but the head is rather small in relation to body size. the tail is long enough to be that of a leopard and the overall thickness is more leopard like but it has dark area where there would be dark area on a leopards tail but the rest of the body fur looks uniform in colour unless it is heavily over exposed but then why would the black on the tail show up so well? Maybe this animal is a lucistic individual to some extent, or inbred, or may have light spotting which could not be picked up by the camera or just maybe, it could be a hybrid between a leopard and a puma !. another question that should be asked is what is it doing in Paris suburbs ? well if mainland Europe is similar in the same way as the Uk regarding cat species and numbers of them then they will be following the same rules. Perhaps both leopard and pumas or leopards have naturalised and are spreading out looking for territories just like over here in the UK, as many of these species move through built up areas including London. Many of these cats actually live in cities just like the leopards in India, Indonesia and Africa. It is all to be expected really.