Below are a few photographs of UFOs that I have taken over the years:

This is a craft that I photographed over the sea in Poole bay 2002.It hovered at dusk and made no noise.

This craft was very high up above Poole harbour in 2004 .The day was windless and warm and the vessel was above the middle of the widest part of the harbour above the water. It remained motionless for approx 20 minutes. The original photograph was on old slide film and on the slide were tiny round saucer shaped craft seemingly shooting upwards towards the larger ship. I was on a boat and although there were about twenty other people on board no body else saw it except one man and only because I diverted his attention to it.

This strange ball of light appeared on a photograph after it was developed. I did not see the light at the time. Many strange phenomenons are not seen by people at the time of taking photos or films but appear later. Cameras, especially digital are very sensitive and seem to be able to pick up phenomena. The photo below is of a U.F.O speeding across Purbeck and Poole. I took this is 1997.The next photo below is of a spinning top like craft that often changed shape. It was very big but far away. The bird in the foreground is a common buzzard, and it was at the nearest I could possible focus on. This was taken during February2012.
Below it is a photo of two craft flying very high. They were rectangle in shape and with them were many smaller white orbs of light behind the clouds. These objects were above one of the highest hills in Dorset during 1984.
If you scan the skies on a regular basis, especially with binoculars, you will see spacecraft or probes doing there jobs high in the sky. The more you look, the more you will find. U.F.Os can be seen at any time but obviously clear skies are best for observation and coupled with no wind. I tend to see far more during the summer than winter, with more during spring and autumn. Certain places seem to have many visitations.




Below is a still from a piece of video footage. I was out looking for large cats at dusk on 21.3.12, when I zoomed in on a buzzard gliding over the Purbeck coastline when I noticed something behind it going the opposite direction, very, very fast. I panned the camera round to catch the object but it was too fast and vanished. I was clearly aware that it was not a conventional aircraft or another bird, or even an insect. I had my suspicions and waited till I got home to view the film on my laptop. I took a variety of stills and can clearly see not one, but at least three small objects travelling alongside the first one.


Here in the still below, one can see at least one craft whizzing off to the right of the buzzard.

In the third photo, one can see one of the craft shooting along to the right of the buzzard


In the photo above, one can see at least three, maybe four or five craft. They are very small and hard to see. It was hard to tell the real size of the craft but they were high up and came from the direction of Bournemouth or Christchurch and travelled at an angle .They were travelling at many hundreds of miles an hour at least. Below is another still from the actual video.
The craft appears when the buzzard comes into focus for the second brief time. You have to be quick. Below that is the original footage.

UFO Video Footage hd

The stills are displayed on my laptop whilst I was playing the clip, and I paused it to photograph the still, hence reflections of myself within the picture.

These images are very small and hard to see, but they are there. They are not flies, birds or conventional aircraft. As footage goes of UFOs it is very poor, especially compared to the hundreds of fantastic images and videos shown on YouTube and U.F.O websites and from NASA image library. I ask the reader to brows through those images. When one sees first hand this kind of phenomenon, and know exactly what it is, we are awestruck. We feel privileged. We want to pass on the truth to other people. We do so at great risk, as other people who do not know about the subject will criticize and make our lives a misery. Many people have had nervous breakdowns because of such treatment. So many people have lost friends and relatives because of it. What right has someone got to destroy the messenger? Situations like this really show who the real human is and who the disrespectful idiot is.
At this point in writing, huge craft are being seen in outer space. Many of them seem to be heading towards earth. This does not mean that people should panic. No body knows as to why they are there but one thing is for sure. U.F.O activity is getting very hot. All around the earth, every day these craft are here. Watching doing things. Fleets of craft are above cities, oceans, rainforests or villages. They seem to be appearing anywhere and everywhere; But why?  Well one is for sure. These craft are not doing any harm to humankind; on the contrary, they seem to have prevented people from destroying. They have stopped nuclear missiles from being deployed in the past. Military have fired weapons at them; there is proof of that. Jets are scrambled to intercept them many times and there is much proof of that also. Just what the British and Americans think they are doing, I don’t know and what are they trying to achieve by doing things like that? What would they do if they hit down one of these vehicles? Would they tell the world? Of course not. They would hide the truth and do their own investigations. It may have already happened. What authority do any humans have over such advances beings? Especially if they actually have authority over us, isn’t it best to except that we have no power? There is no proof that these beings want to harm or takeover humanity and even if they did, we are surely powerless. But to randomly shoot missiles at them is more than silly. It could provoke a war unprecedented in modern times and surely we would lose. The technology these craft have out manoeuvre conventional craft in so many ways we have no chance. We do not know of what huge crimes we could be committing. Man will fight for his independence regardless of the consequences. We cannot be sure that all the craft that visit earth are benign!  If we are being visited by different races of intelligent beings, one would think that maybe there would be war over us. Maybe there is or have been.
A common argument by scientists is that they often seem to state that there is no habitable world within our solar system for aliens to exist, and that it would take too long for any race of beings to get to earth from any place and that time travel does not and cannot exist. All of these facts are wrong. They are not facts but wrong ideas. All of them are true and exist. What puzzles me is that a few people are sitting in labs with high tech equipment waiting for signal from deep space from another world. Humans have a tendency to search too far afield for an answer. The answer may be much nearer to home. The moon has been mapped and photographed by orbiting craft for years, and a wave of interesting data has been accumulated but hidden. Our nearest planet, Mars also. In fact many of the planets within our solar system or the moons of those planets show anomalies on their surfaces; things that science would rather not know about. Without going into the subject in depth at this moment in time, I will explain in greater depth later. Beings have already left their mark. It seems that advances beings lived on both the moon and mars a long, long time ago. Where are they now? Did they survive? Are the beings that visit the earth the ancestors? Are the beings in the spacecraft that visit the earth us after mastering time travel? There is much evidence to suggest that advanced mankind has lived on planet earth for many millions of years, contrary to public opinion.
What is certain is that within the known universe of billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, each with many billions of planets, who can honestly say that we are the only intelligent life? It is ludicrous to assume that. There must be many earth like planets at least, that have evolved life, in many differing stages of development. Some would have evolved highly intelligent beings like humans. Remember the laws of physics would be basically the same throughout the universe and so will mirror image. The chances are that if there is intelligent life elsewhere, they will look like us, certainly within the earlier stages of their evolution. Who is to say that beings have not already been in contact with this planet? Maybe millions of years in the past? It is possible that our solar system was tailor made to support life, in the least manipulated. It does seem to be a miracle that the earth and planets and moon seem to aligned in such a way that it had purpose. It is indeed possible for that to happen given the technologies that may be or may have been available to other beings. There are so many possibilities that cannot be written off as being mumbo jumbo.
The implications of all of this knowledge to the general people of the earth could cause great unrest, war, madness or even relieved revelation. That is maybe why there has been a conspiracy to hide the truth. Meanwhile, the world’s super powers will be building space ships with an elite crew, ready to abandon the sinking ship. I just hope that those on board will not be from the inbred jealous, greedy, selfish, and dishonest types that this world is mainly made up of.