My Philosophy

 A Revelation in the History of Mankind

I am a naturalist, so what am I doing talking about a phoney subject that doesn’t exist? I hear you all saying. Well believe it or not the subject that I am about to reveal is very, very, real.  So real and important, that I would like everyone to know about it. When you read those taboo words, please do not go away. Be brave, and open your mind; it can only do good. Many subjects of truth are hard to swallow. Human beings have been led astray for a long, long time. We are conditioned by society. Our belief systems are conditioned by our peers. Human beings are communal animals and we have natural behavioural instincts.
We are not ourselves; at least most of us are not. The only way in which we think entirely for ourselves, is if we are jolted into doing so. A jolt maybe in the form of hardship, or stress in our lives, or a happening that forces us to change our thinking patterns. The earlier in our lives that we suffer, the earlier in life we will learn, not the common ways of common folk, but the real ways of the world in which we live and beyond. There is a natural tendency to become more open minded as we age.

There are many subjects within human society that most folk will choose to ignore either because they have been conditioned to believe that such subjects do not exist, or they put up a wall because the subject may be beyond the persons comprehension. Many subjects maybe frightening or too deep to understand. Many humans are just too busy to even look into certain subjects because they seemingly have no importance in the individual’s life, or so they think.   The subjects that I am going to refer to have such importance in all of our lives and to disregard them will mean failure not just from an individual perspective but from an overall human perspective.

  • If a man knows truth, then is it not reasonable to share that information?
  • If a man knows of great revelations then is he not morally obliged to share it?

I personally think so. That is the reason why I am going to share truths with you. My definition of a truth is a happening that is real and not fabricated by me or other people.
Honesty can only be a virtue, dishonesty can only destroy. Many humans choose to live their lives within a dishonest mode. Human beings are generally intelligent animals, but not as most people would like to think. Among other animals on earth, we certainly are capable of higher modes of thinking, but in reality most humans are only capable of taking in knowledge, which is very different to intelligence. A computer only takes in knowledge, it cannot think, it does not have a complex brain like a living organism and it has no soul as such. The majority of humans are like computers, but they all have souls, but in different ages of existence. We humans are all capable of learning great knowledge and capable of learning how to open and expand our minds to being more intelligent. We have not been given the instruction manual to do so. If we had, we would be very different. We would be living in different ways. We would not be destroying ourselves as we now are. We would be trying to protect the world in which we live and all the other life forms that we have co existed with for a long time. Instead, we our greedy, selfish, destructive and cruel. We needn’t be. Unfortunately we are governed by our genetic make up and how we are brought up by our parents and conditioned by society and the many influences that that may throw at us. Therefore, not many people in the overall population of humans actually know of important truths that influence the whole of mankind. In a world or war and turmoil, humans now bicker and argue, tell lies and spread words of filth.

Science and Man

Science has its problems; in fact it has a few huge problems. Although science is diverse , mainstream science has a lot to answer for as science is responsible for shaping the way in which people live and think. But because we cannot see something, it does not mean that that something does not exist. Even a though can exist, but is not classed as a thing. We cannot see, touch, smell or hear it, but we maybe able to sense it. We cannot prove that that thought does not or did not or will not exist. That is fact. It is not scientific fact, but philosophical fact, if indeed one can term philosophy as fact. Many subjects of huge controversy display proof of existence, whether or not the general public have been told of such. If there were not any material in the first place, then there would be no reason to even believe in it in the first place. But when the material builds up and builds up for hundreds or even thousands of years, surely we have more than just a reason to believe it?
Science does not work within realms of logic but regimented facts, in the same way that a computer may work. That science is derived from the brains of humans, as well as computers. Science is often not fact but theory, and moves in an evolutionary way. What is believed to be true one day will be disbelieved on another. There may be a gap of anything from a few seconds to thousands of years in between. But one thing is for sure, a large portion of scientific fact, later becomes obsolete as something else takes its place. This proves that much science is not based on truth. I am not a person who jumps to conclusions without reason. I eliminate all possibilities before making a decision. I am certainly not delusional. I do not believe in werewolves for example, as they are a figment of people’s imagination enticed by novels, films and myth. They cannot exist within the physical universe and they do not conform to the laws of physics as we know them. They could exist within another dimension, but still born from peoples imaginations. I do not believe in the bogey man, flying pigs or Santa Claus. I have never believed in Santa Claus because even when I was a small child I knew that reindeer could not fly, especially without wings, and lead one man on a sled across the skies, and then deliver gifts to hundreds of millions of children around the world ! no of course not. I was not that gullible and I am still not. So to put things into perspective, I am a sound thinking person who only believes in the possible. We live within a physical dimension, rarely glimpsing a possible none physical world that I am sure exists along side. The only time folk will glimpse it will be during death of the physical body or within dreams when we sleep. Some people are aware of that dimension within their lives. It may take a fare few lives on the earthly plane for us to be able to be influenced by such, if indeed we live many separate lives within this plane of existence, and I think that we may do so. The older we get, the more likely we are to be in touch with realms of reality. The problem is, is that there are too many young souls within this physical world, and young minds are tough to teach;thus the minority of humans willing to be open to the many truths and revelations that stare us in the face.
There are many truths that will be come obsolete within the near future. There will be many myths that will become truth. Let’s look at what I believe to be the most important subject of our time.

The Debate about God Creation and Evolution

A prime example of mans unintelligent capabilities can be extracted from this hot debate. Firstly let me introduce you to the anomaly of the out of balance thinking. Mankind has lost the balance and has become black and white in his thinking patterns. There are numerous examples to use. One of the most common is the weather debate. People often complain how it was sunny just the minute ago and now it is raining, or the weather cannot make up its mind one minute cloudy, next minute warm and sunny. These ways of thinking are meaningless especially as the weather systems do not work like that. The people who say such silly phrases are not just unintelligent but obviously have no concept of how weather patterns work. Everything is either black or white, as if shortening the capacity of mans thinking. Black or white, well or ill, big or small, everything we do is governed by opposites. So when we debate the god or evolution hypothesis, there seems to be no middle ground. So much of the time, the middle ground is where the truth lies, and here I believe in this debate we can find the revelations of which we all should know about.
For many centuries humans have lived on either side of a very thin fence. The scientists claim that there can be no god and base their ideas on the fact that evolution happens and we can almost see it in action, therefore no god could have existed to create the earth. We can view one side of the fence easily because we have been there, we have touched the green grass, we have smelt it and seen it growing. But just because we have not experienced the other side, does not mean that it cannot be so. Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence lie the many believers’ in religion or faiths stating that evolution cannot happen because god said that he made the earth and that it is stated in the holy book which is the truth of god. Now here we have a bit of a conundrum because any intelligent and educated person will want to side with the scientific fraternity, and to put it bluntly, the religious buffs have no proof of their beliefs. Now lets not be too direct here because, I do believe that they will have the last laugh. Because although they have no proof of what they believe, I believe both can work. I actually am certain that evolution happens and has done in a Darwinian way, and I believe that there is a law of physics for this world and others. But maybe the evolution of humans has taken a slightly different evolutionary path! I also believe that intelligent beings can create worlds or at least partly. We have reached a milestone in technology that allows us to create. We in effect have become like gods in many ways. Was that not stated in a holy book? We can create life, we can make an animal, plant even human in an unnatural way, using sperm egg, genes or stem cells and many other technologies are in the pipeline. We are creating now and we do not even put two and two together. When in the future we are living on space stations in deep space, and we encounter a world with intelligent life, that life maybe similar but less clued up. If they were to be human like they may call us gods or to the same effect, and pray to us, we may give them a doctrine to live by, as we may have seen the destruction of our own species through misbehavior and not wish it upon other similar beings. We may be that technologically advanced to help those beings out. Maybe their world tilted on its axis and caused huge changes in weather and water levels to rise or fall. Surely it is not to outrageous to suggest that we may know of how to create carbon based compounds to pump into the atmosphere or oxygen to re create the life giving properties? The race of beings that are on the world may not have seen flying machines before. They may not have seen white beings or smooth skinned people before. Tales would soon turn into great stories of truth and no doubt religion would be born. Those beings will have purpose and spirituality will be born. The beings will paint to record the fantastic sightings, accounts written and stored safely. The gods may know of their world and know about any oncoming disasters that would affect them. They may warn them of impeding disasters and even give them a date in the far future. If the traveling beings had evolved for a long enough time, they would know about certain elements that not so advanced beings may know about such as spirit or souls. They may know how to use or harvest them. The interstellar travelers may decide to give the primitive beings life and cross breed with them producing a knowledgeable hybrid. That being then may advance into a technologically minded being that feels that the only way forward is to leave the world and explore especially in the wake of impending disaster. To a simple race of beings, just doing that, maybe a metaphor for creation as far as they were concerned. We are evolving, almost as if we were meant to leave the earth and wiz of out into space. We may need to evolve for thousands or even millions of years but time does not mean anything. Time is a man made concept used for modern living on earth. The point remains the same.
There is no other animal on earth capable of creating technology like we can, or debating deep subjects, or looking into deep space with huge telescopes. We are one in billions. There is something unique about humans but maybe not so unique within the huge concept of cosmology. Maybe evolution is within the laws of physics that govern the whole of the known universe in such a way that within every solar system, may be a planet where life forms, then moves on. Maybe one of the main contenders within the game of evolution is the planet hopping being. I work on the concept “as above, so below” there are parallel happenings but on a greater or lesser scale. Picture an apple tree with fruit. The fruit is ripe and a bacteria lands from the surrounding air and falls upon a ripe apple. The bacteria spread and the apple crumbles and rots. The bacteria will move off, often carried by other flying invertebrates to a clean ripe fruit, to start the process again, and again. And so on.
We humans have created mini worlds. For example, a huge bio dome filled with tropical plants, birds and animals. We watch, we record, we change, we eliminate, we breed, and we do all these things within the world we have created. We are in control, yet the species within knows nothing of us, or what we are doing, or our future plans. The most intelligent animals may know us but they ask no questions. They know nothing beyond their world.  We can be gods also to inferior beings, and if we can be, then so it is not just likely but probable that there has been before. In other words, the likelihood of more intelligent beings being in control of us is high.
Once we humans imagine and take in what is possible, probable and plausible, then we can put things into perspective. A whole different view of the universe and our relationship to it unfolds.
Who knows that that has not happened in the past here on earth? The chances are that it has, and not just once. Surely that opens the way up for a more scientific realization that god not only can, but must exist as a physical bodily form at least.One of the main reasons as to why we have lost the belief in god is due to the plural becoming the singular.People tend to imagine a huge bearded man holding the earth in his hands. of course that is impossible but if we go back to the days when god was used in the plural idea, gods, meaning flesh and blood beings,or advanced race of beings, then it all changes.
In case you are wondering where the evidence is, seek and ye shall find.


The U.F.O. Phenonmenon

From the dawn of mankind, aerial craft have been recorded. On cave walls in Australia and North Africa round discs with halos or helmeted beings are depicted doing things here on earth. Throughout the Celtic ages spacecraft were etched on wood. Throughout the middle Ages, religious paintings depicted spacecraft. What we now term U.F.Os, were depicted in thousands of different ways throughout mans history.Every major faith has its roots firmly established within the realms of extraterrestrial visitations on earth.Amazing stories in old Indian texts, Sumerian texts and Chinese literature all depict the same thing.They all state that the gods lived within the heavens and and came to earth to do business.They came in ships that traveled the heavens, not the oceans.It is written in the christian bible, the Koran,The ancient Jewish texts, the Hindu texts, the Buddhist texts.the only faith that now seems to acknowledge the facts is the ancient faith of Jainism.The ancient astronaut theory is the truth.  It has only been within the last several hundred years that we have lost that knowledge, especially the Western world. The birth of science and a gap in the technological advancement left us with no reason to believe.Darwin found the evolution of species and gave science a new way forward.Creation died. But it did not mean that creation still could not have happened.People seemed to think that creation meant total creation, the heavens and the earth and in just a few days, well no wonder that people did not believe that, but it was mainly because the ancient texts were converted wrongly. once put into a collection of different ancient texts, written by many people at very different times and called the holy bible, that is all that was needed as that was now the word of god! No! it was the changed word of humans, with much truth that came from prophets.Some writings may have come from god or messengers from them.Angels are more likely a metaphor for the flying beings.It is impossible for humans to have bird wings and fly, but beings do fly in craft.The bible bashing communities throughout the word have no idea as to what god really is.They would not know them if they stumbled upon them. What is more damming is the fact that truth has been covered up by governments across the world. But, now that we are whizzing around in space, and have great technology in regards to radar, sonar and great telescopes, we are inundated with images; images we would prefer not to see. Science still cannot accept that we are not alone. But is that really true? No. The real cogs of scientific workings have been forced to except the truth, as for a start they could be a threat. The world’s military know all about UFOs. It is the most secret subject within the history of mankind. The subject goes far beyond spinning saucer like discs seen in the skies. It goes so deep that it causes headaches and frustration to all. The more one looks into the subject, the heavier it becomes. There have been countless books written on the subject, there have been thousands of photographs and amateur videos of real UFOs and obviously there are a few fakes, unfortunately these people cause other people to disbelieve. There are also skeptics, those people who cannot see sense no matter how much proof is thrown at them. These people have a mental illness. There have been so many revelations covered up. There are many conspiracies to hide many amazing truths. There are many unnatural buildings on the moon and on mars and many other planets and moons within our solar system. The proof is there for all to see although there are also debunkers who seem to be able to manipulate people’s beliefs. The space agencies are very corrupt and dishonest. Please believe this. It may not all be sinister, as I am sure that some authorities feel that they cannot tell the truth because they hardly believe it themselves, or that they fear public unrest or religious mayhem !. I can understand that.In most cases the revelations are out there for those who seek them, but just not in your face.

The reason why I have chosen to pass on this knowledge

Since the age of five, I have been aware of a divine presence. I was different not by choice but by making. I was put into foster care when only less than two years of age and suffered at the hands of people from physical and mental abuse. I was moved around with my twin brother through a number of placements and children’s homes. I was forced to learn about life at an early age. I loved the natural world and spent long hours away from other people with the animals that I loved. I got more than I bargained for when between the ages of eleven and eighteen I spent time out at night in remote country areas watching nocturnal wild animals. Whilst on the Dorset downs I encountered wonderful spacecraft hovering in front of me with brilliant coloured lights. I saw many and they became a common feature of my nightly and sometimes daily exploring. I loved them. They did not seem to do me any harm  but actually opened up my mind. I had a thirst for knowledge and at the same time learned just how silly humans were. I began to read some of the many books on ufology. Throughout my life I have seen so many of these craft that I for some reason have affiliated them to me, or I to them and feel a connection that is hard to describe. I have seen over 120 incidents of UFOs from single vehicles to fleets. What I have not done is photographed many like some people have. I have managed to photograph a few and even taken some video footage. I will insert them into this article. On the internet there is a huge amount of UFOs captured on camera, and it would seem that there are more and more seen by people and multiple witnesses of hundreds of people. Craft are seen all over the world and outer space. The space agencies are swamped with them; astronomers are swamped but mot many are brave enough to believe. Giant craft with estimates of 150 miles in length have been seen with specially made telescopes out in space. Many huge craft seem to be heading towards earth. I have had dreams for years of fleets of craft coming to earth to do business. Thousands of craft coming during the day and night whilst the earth is in crisis and humans are in denial. I ask all that read this to look on the internet, at YouTube for example at all the amazing footage there is. A few are obvious hoaxes but do not be put off by the false prophets! People who believe in the U.F.O phenomenon are people that have opened there minds often after a sighting. Be one of those intelligent folk and may a whole new world be opened up to you. It would seem that the UFO subject has a connection to early religious ideas. Surely if we believe that the gods do indeed exist and always have, and that the earth we live on has been somehow tailored for us, and that life evolves whatever and wherever, surely, would not life be better? I think so and that is way I am passing on this message, in the hope that some people will change their views and become more spiritual. We can only better ourselves by believing, and in doing so; we lose nothing but not to do so, we could lose everything. If there were ever a reason to gamble, then surely it is this one? Man has been shaped by religion. Texts that have changed and been re written by power lusting idiots. Important revelations have been taken out and junk put in the there places within holy books. The word of god has been manipulated by politicians. No wonder so many people do not believe, but the underlying stories are all the same. Every religion is on the same path, they worship the same god. The real flesh and blood gods (note the plural) who came and went in times of great crisis on earth and may even have dwelt on earth for a while. There have been many writers who have picked up these important concepts over the years, Graham Hancock, Richard Hoagland, Adrian Gilbert, Maurice Cottrell, Erich von Daniken, Robert Bauval, Herbie Brennan, Peter Lemesurier, Alan Alford, Nick Redfern and Timothy Good amongst many others, all intent on telling humankind the truth. These authors should be much praised for the good work they do and they are the key to holding on to the lost knowledge, and passing it on in an understandable way. I urge anybody to look into the writings of these modern day prophets. I could not do justice without giving them a mention.

Sketches of important moments in my life


Sketch 1


Sketch 2

Sketch 3
In sketch 1 I am standing on a remote hill range during the night. I am watching a beautiful flying craft with coloured beams of light. I had seen them before but not this close. I at first thought that maybe it was a police car out to catch illegal poachers, but then realized that the vehicle was about a hundred feet from the ground and hovering but moving slowly. This happened during the late summer of 1984. Before I beheld this sight, I watched an orange ball of light hovering on the horizon a few miles away after sunset. I knew as to what it was then but ignored it to some extent. After the main sighting it went dark quickly and I noticed several other small UFOs zig zaging across the night sky.
Sketch 2 shows of a dream I had, one that seemed real. During an episode of ufo’s activity several years later, one night I felt as if divine beings were with me and took me into a future world or a world where these beings resided. The two beings were like my real parents, (not biological) beings of pure love, different from humans. They took me on board their ship and there were a few other ships perched on thin poles that moved up or down hydraulic like. The other ships were in formation but stationary on poles. One went of into the sky. There was a greenish moon or planet as well as a setting sun. We went under the sea and there were earth like animal life.
Sketch3 shows an amazing real happening, not a dream or something that happened when I were asleep. It happened when I was  about 20. I was lodging with a marvellous couple in Bournemouth. One evening I was very depressed. I felt that I needed to know the answer as to why humankind was destroying the earth and why they full of greed and uncaring. I wept for hours and cursed humans in my mind. I did not want to be part of the madness. A week before hand I had burned a copy of the holy bible, thinking that a lot of it was wrong and written by nasty people, not spiritual beings. I went to bed in sombre mood. I woke up and all I knew was that I was sitting up in bed, with a white glow in the room. A pillar of light was at the far end of the room, a vortex of fog like material, twisting just like a tornado. The pillar joined the floor and the ceiling. It was wonderful. I had no fear for whatever this was, it was of no harming energy. The pillar slowly moved toward my bed and stopped at the end. The next thing I remember is sitting upright with a glowing being by my bedside. The being was pure love. It was glowing bright white light. That light radiated all around the bedroom. I could not tell if the being was male or female and I do not think that there is any reason to try and asses its sex. I could not see any clothing as such, just a human like shape that may have been partly transparent. The being places its hand on the bed by my body and an intense feeling of love flowed through me. The love was so intense, so deep, so pure ;like as if all the love that had ever been given out by man was somehow caught in a bottle and then released on me. I cannot remember what happened next but when I awoke in the morning I was very aware of what had happened. For the rest of my life I always wondered why? My only conclusion now is that I was being shown that there was love elsewhere if not in the hearts of many humans, and that I was taken pity on by a divine source. That love stays within me amongst other negative feelings and emotions. My aim is eradicate the negative and dwell on the positive. How I wish that every living human could also witness the same. I had had several near death experiences when young and recalled vivid dreams of a world being destroyed and much fire and sadness. I had these dreams when only four years of age. I also had dreams that were well beyond the realms of my comprehension at the time. I had dreams of many space ships coming to earth in their hundreds of thousands, to reap the earth of its rich harvest. I have now decided that I must tell the world. Laugh if you like, take pity on me if you wish, ridicule me and call me all the names under the sun if you dare. But I will tell you one thing. You will change your tune, as you all are about to meet your maker!
The good prophets have spelled out the revelations for the past forty years. For those that have had eyes to see and ears to hear, there can be no excuses. For if a man does not bother,  then he can’t learn. Seek and ye shall find. The truth is there for all so see or hear. The forces of darkness have a hold on humanity, but there is always time for last minute changes. I will not withhold the truth. I know for sure that there is life after death. The dark prophets do their best to tern mans thoughts. “There is no god, there is  nothing after we die’ science bellows from every mountain top. Yet the prophets of god stated otherwise a long time ago, and predicted the earth’s fate .The time is coming and I am not just being silly, or jumping on a band wagon. It is real. The biggest threat to life on earth is not global warming or any other man made problem. The problem is coming from outer space. Cosmic cycles reap havoc every so often in terms of astronomic time. The ancient people of the earth made monuments to warn the future people of earth of its coming. We cannot do much about it. But we can turn our minds and be spiritual beings and emit love instead of hate, selfishness and greed. Who knows, we may have everlasting life!
Authorities around the world know all about these controversial topical in varying amounts, but choose not to tell the general public. The worlds top astronomers know of the huge risks that are now beginning to rear their ugly heads, the area of space that earth is passing through, the possible planet X Nibiru the destroyer. Everybody on earth must brace themselves for life changing experiences. The changes in electromagnetic fields maybe one of the first problems we encounter. The extreme weather problems on earth do not have much to do with man made  pollution and global warming; they are a prelude to what is to come. It is ironic and coincidental that at the same time , humans have over populated themselves and are acting in nasty selfish ways, as if they subconsciously know, and also as if it was timed to coincide with the coming disasters. And outside the watchers watch…and conclude…and judge.