forbbiden knowledge

It is so damming that most human beings have not been told the truth regarding ancient aliens and what they did for us in the past and what they do for us now. It is such a shame that the world governments and other authorities including space agencies have hidden the truth, no wonder that most people are none believers or sceptics. We have been conditioned to behave in the way we do (I do not speak for myself here). If the truth were to be known then things would not be the way they are now, for instance, we would probably not be overpopulating the earth with over seven billion people, we would not be destroying nature and our own natural resources, we would not be fighting  with our own kind, we would not be arguing about religion. We would be more spiritual beings and have reverence for all that is natural and we would worship the only beings responsible for creating us in the way they did.But unfortunately not is all it seems as there ere good and bad guys regarding the extraterrestrial being who formed us out of the earth. We have bad genes within us that cause hatred and jealousy and revenge and all kinds of other bad traits that seem to have escalated in more recent times.

It is worth remembering that ancient texts that were written long before any mainstream religions were even thought about, hold the key to the ultimate knowledge. Unfortunately many of this critically important data was destroyed by those who claimed to be working in the name of god in the first place.The Christians destroyed so much and Jews and Muslims also. In fact all the three major religions on earth are not just responsible for destroying the truth but for deliberately changing holy scriptures and destroying many and adding their own ideals.

It was stated that two brothers (Enki and Enlil) had different ideas. the brothers may have been a metaphor for two distinct races or groups of beings, or indeed they may have been brothers as stated. Enlil wanted the newly formed genetic experiment of modern humans to be slaves and simply work for the gods, but Enki wanted us to have freedom and knowledge to become like they were.

It is most likely that these beings who could actually be us in our future, or beings from a nearby planet such as Mars genetically modified us from the most intelligent apes on the planet, and tweaked our D.N.A over long time periods to produce us modern humans but there was still problems with some of our D.N.A , or there certainly seems to be for the last few thousand years. It maybe that the perfect race had already been and gone, ie harvested a long time in the past and that we were the survivors who are now being judged. It makes sense to assume that our Gods are judging us just like we may do the same to a new breed of farm animal.

It would seem that not many people may pass their judgement as there are so many nasty people on earth who do not care for another fellow human being let alone the earth and its amazing plants and animals. Also these people do not even believe in the ancient Gods or any form of extraterrestrial intelligence. It maybe that the next generation of humans will have better knowledge about such revelations. It makes sense to think that we humans are meant to evolve spiritually as well as biologically, and especially if we were given such knowledge or genetic material, but hey something must have gone profoundly wrong surely? Or is it all just a test for each and every individual human? It could well be as we all instinctively know the difference from right and wrong, yet so many choose not to take notice.

Most people on earth may have a huge shock when they leave this realm of existence in the physical body. They may have to return to face the music and I for one am not keen on returning within a world of war, famine, greed, dishonesty and death. It makes sense to sort ourselves out now whilst the going is good. you have nothing to lose but all to gain by being good honest loving respectful people. We have all to lose if we carry on being the way we are.

Obviously the so called UFOs are everywhere around us on earth. Why ? we cant even see them most of the time because most of them are only visible when viewed through the infra-red spectrum or possible other spectrum’s of which we yet know nothing about. The more technologically advanced we become, then the more should be revealed or at least understood and our present ignorance is due to out present knowledge, surely?.

There are possible several or many types of extraterrestrial beings visiting or living on earth , if not then not far away on one of our nearest heavenly bodies. There is much evidence for beings living on our moon and have lived on Mars in the past. In fact every single solid planet has evidence yet it is not common knowledge, yet it could be and should be but hey, seek and you shall find, it is all there for those who have eyes to see, and ears to here and a heart to receive.

I did not have to show the world my photos of spacecraft, but I have done because i have burning desires to show the truth to all, not just a privileged few, and even some, those of whom I thought were friends even go against my good intentions out of greed, jealousy and treachery because they have no so called spiritual values themselves. Revelations are for all, not to be hidden away .

scepticism is a disease and it is linked to phobias and sexual fetishes.There may be a gene that is responsible or indeed turned on usually at a young age and persists until something dramatic changes it. Genes can be turned on or off so in theory at least we can all change our bad behaviour, but if people do not know the difference between good and bad behaviour then we only need to follow the words of prophets from the past and present. There have been many such people or beings that have told us the right way to behave for our own good, the words were changes to some extent by certain religions that have caused human kind to stray. It maybe that the dark powers have deliberately caused this to cause destruction.

The world powers are evil, we all should know that, and they always have been to some or more extent. The truth will never be told unless there is huge public demand for it.

It is so sad and damming that silly people who call themselves scientists scoff and giggle at the concept of ufos and aliens being a reality let alone the human race being part alien ourselves, what a huge delema we are in and what of the future of humanity in these dark days. Well i know for sure, not to give up as love is stronger than hate. In the beginning there was anti matter and matter. Matter won and gave forth to life which does mean that it is the stronger of the two, unfortunately due to the dirty religious teachings of the past and today we all live in ignorance.

There needs to be only one true religion and a totally new one, that incorporates alien beings as our true fathers or mothers and knowledge of the past and the fact that we humans have lived and passed from the earth several times before and we will do so again. two points to make here, as above so below and history repeats itself just like the wheel of life, the never ending knot, the perpetual motion or beating of the cosmic heart, nothing ends but continues maybe in different forms, but all is for reason with motive and cause. There maybe no such thing as accidents, and our lives maybe predestined from long before the start. the choices are ours, lets make them good ones for the benefit of earth and mankind.