To open ones mind

It is a very hard thing to do.Most people living on earth have closed minds.They need to be triggered into opening, like a pine cone in the baking heat of high summer. the pine cone will not release the hinge that allows the seeds to fall out.without the heat the cone remains closed. It can remain closed for a long time even years if no heat activates the mechanism. human minds are similar. The trigger for our minds to open and not just follow suit are variable but often it involves trauma, great stress that forces the mind to think in a different way, not a unique way but a way which is available to all, although maybe not within one life time.

Many thousands of years ago people new of things that we should still know about today, but many things went wrong. If humanity really knew the truth, everything would be much different.

Everything we have been taught about human evolution is very wrong. everything we have learned about ancient human history is flawed.

Yet, the truth is there to find for those who need to find it, it is hidden to some extent.

People do not want to know, yet if everybody did know, then maybe the world could become a better place for all and everything

Spirituality is the key to success.

When I state spirituality, i am in need of a better word, but there is none other that describes better at this moment in time.

Our minds are made up of energy. Our brains are made up of matter.Matter breaks down into universal atoms. Energy is infinite, and cannot be destroyed within this physical dimension..

Every thought we have ever had is energy. energy which has power . and power when used has cause and effect.

It makes sense to believe in life after death. I have never believed that all the thoughts and memories that have been created since we were conceived could just evaporate when we die. It has to go somewhere when the body breaks down.

I believe that it goes either into another physical being on earth, or another being in another dimension.

For those people who still attain a sensitive approach to life, then only they may be open enough to receive the knowledge, which is there for all to use, at whatever times when needed.

There needs to be a new approach. In the distant past human beings all believed in the spiritual world and if anybody did not, they would have been seen to be very strange and dangerous people because they were going against the grain of reality and truth.Unfortunately, the disease of destruction was planted and now, most humans on earth do not believe in the spiritual aspects of life. We lose it at our own high cost. It is better to believe than otherwise as nothing is lost, but not to believe when there is a reality means we lose everything. i am no gambler but this is one thing i am willing to gamble on and the only thing in life worth gambling on.

It maybe that the human race now are just the dregs of an ancient society that did know the truths. I believe that races of humans lived hundreds of thousands of years ago on earth and on other heavenly bodies. This is when most religious writings were first constructed. They were changed as they survived down the ages.

It is apparent that man has lived on earth times before, possibly now the fourth time, and each time we were destroyed to always extinction, leaving behind our knowledge of those past, and wiping out all trace of technology. there are small amounts of evidence in the form of technology, from various parts of the earth.In some case, whole islands sunk under a rising sea level, only to be found much later at the right time. There were survivors then and they managed to create viable breeding colonies, some of which had forgotten about their own ancestors and their history but much of it survived. We read these stories now and think that they are fairy tales, when in fact they are the truth.

We could all know about this but a dark force has engulfed humanity and covered up everything, but again I state that it is all there for those who wish to seek it out, and be enlightened.


The coloured lights

Below is my latest photo of a U.F.O, taken during the summer 2015, in an area where I often encounter these things. Often, these craft will have multi coloured lights unlike the usual colours of conventional aircraft and situated in odd places so that when viewed they give impression of shape. this may be the shape of the craft but may not be.What was obvious with this craft is its sudden appearance, without any noise, a five minute slow cruise above a hilltop ,then its sudden disappearance.

Copy of martin .27.7.15 DSC02958

The craft was about two miles away I judged.

Introduction. Seek and you shall find.

About me.

From a child, I was put into care, not having lived with my real parents for very long.I moved through various foster homes and children’s homes right up to the age of eighteen. some of the foster parents that I lived with abused me and my twin brother David and other children in their so called care.This abuse and lack of parental love had a huge effect on my life and still does.My childhood was plagued with problems, health issues and loneliness.I sought answers from an early age.I was not to be programmed like most people or conditioned by society or my peers.I was myself and was forced to think for myself from a very early age.When a child goes through trauma at an early age it sets ones thinking pattern in a different way to most other people who have not known hardness.That thinking pattern opens up ones mind, to other goings on within and outside our world.I became sensitive in many ways.I searched for answers. I turned religious and desperately needed to know the answers to many questions.My early life was surrounded by strange phenomenon .I was fortunate enough to have lived a large part of my life within mid Dorset, surrounded by wonderful countryside, hills, forests and wildlife.I was often left to my own devises and roamed the Dorset downs alone at night to watch wild animals and to be alone, away from humans, noise , traffic and horrid smells to be with nature at a more spiritual level.I watched the animals from childhood. I saw badgers and got to know them; they were part of my life; the deer ,owls, snakes and river fishes were my life. They meant more to me than humanity:but what i really needed to know was, was there more to life.? does God exist ? What was my future ?. From an early age ,I saw strange craft in the skies . I saw them hundreds of times throughout my child hood and early adult life.When I used to visit the downs at night , I got more than I bargained for.I loved it and it became the main theme in my life.I felt privileged to have witnessed so much strange phenomenon, but what really bugged me was why the rest of humanity was totally oblivious .My main goals now are to spread the word of truth. I find it so more important than my zoological work.It a huge paradox that humans have not been told the truth by authorities and that so many people think that many subjects are mumbo jumbo; well that is for the individual to decide for themselves. We all start from somewhere, but there are so many people that were born just yesterday!Knowledge is gained by reading and listening. Intelligence is learned by experience.Truth is known by opening ones  mind.

In this section of my website, I would like to include the controversial subjects that many people especially in the western world are blind to. There will me many folk who will be disappointed in me adding this section. They will not have realized that I had this side to me, unscientific, off with the fairies, little green men and all that nonsense!
Think what you wish. I am prepared to be ridiculed. It should not have a bearing on my other natural history subjects. At the moment I have no other place for it except in here, as I do not want to form a whole new website.
There are many subjects that I have always found fascinating from a very early age; telepathy, ghosts, psychic ability, premonition, life after death, coincidence and many other subjects that mainstream science chooses to ignore.
We live in changing times though and some of the subjects listed above have been studied by many mainstream scientists including psychologists, medical doctors, and psychiatrists and so on. There is changing opinion within the scientific fraternity in regards to many controversial subjects, as there is proof that many of them actually exist.
People may have theories, and people may know facts. It is very strange that all of the subjects listed above actually exist. We have been conditioned to believe that they do not. They would not occur as subjects if they did not exist. People have not talked about the bogey man for thousands of years, there has been accounts of sightings, no school of thought, no anecdotal evidence in regards to it. The chances are that it does not exist; at least as a physical identity.
Many folk may make a connection with big cats in Britain and mumbo jumbo nonsense. I do not class them as being related. I see the big cat phenomenon as being physical and just another part of none native animals free living in the UK. There may be many people who also believe in free living large cats in non native lands and also be into the so called non scientific, or fringe science; that is fine, it just means that the people who are fascinated with mysteries are interested with all those kinds of subjects. They have open minds and it is all lumped within the same boat. I must admit that a lot of subjects are too extreme and I personally think that they are damaging. There are some kinds of silly ideas being spread across cryptozoology sites that have no scientific proof whatsoever and do not conform even to the laws of physics. These subjects only do harm to the real subjects. People will not take any of it seriously if some folk talk of impossibilities and other seemingly nonsensical stories that filter through some of these kinds of sites. There may be a realm in which zoo form phenomenon exists, but we must be very careful when relating such topics within the subject.  Crypto zoology has a valid place, and there are many excellent crypto zoologists that have written great stuff and do great research. Off course the subject has to exist , and I myself am involved in the subject but often feel that the reason as to why the subject is not taken seriously is because of all the baggage that surrounds it. I have been on three Center for Fortean zoology (C.F.Z )expeditions to remote areas of the world to help search for two cryptids. I now believe that both these animals, the yeti and the orang pendek exist. I, along with the other members of the C.F.Z found evidence. Crypto zoologists need to pass these findings on to the relevant authorities, but because we are not taken seriously by most scientific establishments, the revelations that we uncover are just not known. What a shame.

Seek and yea shall find.

I like many quotes from the holy bible, not because I may be a brain washed Christian, but because there are many very important ideals within. Christianity is the best religion in the world regarding effect and how one lives amongst a disbelieving society. I do not class myself as Christian but believe in the principles (except a few pathetic additives by control freaks a long time ago who changed the holy words).

Within the bible though are amazing truths, and if we only knew how to decipher some of the meanings as they were in the original Hebrew writings,and metaphors.

also within the books are references to air craft and of being coming to earth from space ships. These revelations are not only present within the books within the holy bible but other holy books from around the world, from all different faiths and religions. We need to take these truths seriously.

In the last one hundred years, mankind has abolished religion in the wake of modern Darwinism, and have done the great man many injustices.

Mankind is un-balanced and see the world in black and white without acknowledging the million shades of grey in-between. The main argument is, ” god cannot exist and creation could not happen because we have evolution which proves the point!.

Of what ?

I know that evolutions happens and am very quick to state that to many religious folk. Evolutions happens within all universes, in all and on all bodies within, forever. Life is in many parts of the cosmos, in simple forms or advanced forms and its job is to advance oneself into higher life forms or beings if need be.

just because evolution happens does not mean that there can be no god or creation !, what an absurd idea that is. The truth is, is that we are in-between knowledge and soon we will realise our mistakes. We can now create ! we can create life and do amazing things impossible a few decades ago. We will progress further until we will be doing what the gods did and we will become gods ourselves to more humble beings in the future. The gods of old, were beings, flesh and blood beings similar to us.It is also stated within the holy bible that we will do amazing things and be like god in the future. Why people have not understood this is beyond me !

There is so much evidence around the world of beings coming to earth in fiery chariots or sky ships, from not just the Christian bible or Jewish Torah but from old Indian texts,Sumerian texts,South american chronicles, Australian stories , Chinese texts and all the main faith writings.Ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts teach us truths of the gods on earth. History is riddled with evidence, yet modern man refuses to see through it.This can only be our undoing. The space craft that are modernly called U.F.O,s are simply the craft of gods angels that have been using planet earth for hundreds of thousands of years. There may be different types of beings related to different genetic casts. There may be good gods and bad gods who have had battle over the earth and its inhabitants. Human kind may be a race of genetically modified ape. We may have been programmed to become what we now are but there may have been many problems along the way. There are still missing links between apes and modern humans, and I believe that some of our D.N.A is from these beings. They may be of the earth originally and so may have the same basic genetic make-up so hiding the origins. I do not believe that we were just chimps that walked upright and our brains suddenly swelled and we began to tool use. there must be more to it all than that. We fly through the air, we build incredible machines we view the far distant nebulae in outer space and we are searching. No other animal on earth has these capabilities and would not without divine intervention. we will be doing the same thing in the future.

We have been fed the wrong information from people who may be on the so called dark side, the negative destroying force of dark energy within humans, that does not want us to advance in spiritual ways.We neglect it at our peril. It is our choice, and we have all been given the ability to know right from wrong.

The irony of it all is, is that so called scientists are backward in thinking that any advanced civilization of intelligent beings would be so far away and also searching for other similar life forms within the universe, and it is just a matter of time until we make contact ! How bazaar is that ? has it not occurred to these blind scientists that it happened a long time ago ?

Another irony is that many people in high places know of the truth but remain seated upon it !

We are reaching a critical time within our existence, as so many folk abandon the worlds religions or faiths, something that has kept folk on the straight and narrow. religion has also done so much harm over the last few thousand years and has actually way surpassed the good it was intended. This may have been  known by the gods and all along , as if the tricks and puzzles have purposefully been places to test us to our limits.we still are young and have a long way to go. I believe mans goal is to better our spirit and become super being within the cosmos, and then we will be creating worlds and life in the future. It maybe that some of the Gods themselves are just us in our future, after mastering time travel.

My views are within the realms of logic and physics and can only be true.

We live in times when religions are at logger heads with each other;death and destruction prevails, only to get much worse. for what reason ? if only every person earth would realise that we cannot go on like this without destroying ourselves and the surface of earth. All faiths stem from the same source, it is just that the dispersal and breeding of humans on all parts of earth have distorted all original views, as as we advanced outwardly, so the truths have been distorted along the way . Religion in itself or in principle should not be a bad thing, but it has been very bad and has done more harm than good in many respects.

One of the co founders of the obvious theory of evolution, Alfred Russell Wallace was a believer in god. He was also a spiritualist. He was a great man but his views were not as well known as Darwin, only now is he acknowledged for his part in the equation. But, his religious ideas were not. Talk about the God delusion ! we are actually deluded in the way that we now believe that God cannot exist !. It is impossible for God not to exist.

Copy of martin .27.7.15 DSC02958