To open ones mind

It is a very hard thing to do.Most people living on earth have closed minds.They need to be triggered into opening, like a pine cone in the baking heat of high summer. the pine cone will not release the hinge that allows the seeds to fall out.without the heat the cone remains closed. It can remain closed for a long time even years if no heat activates the mechanism. human minds are similar. The trigger for our minds to open and not just follow suit are variable but often it involves trauma, great stress that forces the mind to think in a different way, not a unique way but a way which is available to all, although maybe not within one life time.

Many thousands of years ago people new of things that we should still know about today, but many things went wrong. If humanity really knew the truth, everything would be much different.

Everything we have been taught about human evolution is very wrong. everything we have learned about ancient human history is flawed.

Yet, the truth is there to find for those who need to find it, it is hidden to some extent.

People do not want to know, yet if everybody did know, then maybe the world could become a better place for all and everything

Spirituality is the key to success.

When I state spirituality, i am in need of a better word, but there is none other that describes better at this moment in time.

Our minds are made up of energy. Our brains are made up of matter.Matter breaks down into universal atoms. Energy is infinite, and cannot be destroyed within this physical dimension..

Every thought we have ever had is energy. energy which has power . and power when used has cause and effect.

It makes sense to believe in life after death. I have never believed that all the thoughts and memories that have been created since we were conceived could just evaporate when we die. It has to go somewhere when the body breaks down.

I believe that it goes either into another physical being on earth, or another being in another dimension.

For those people who still attain a sensitive approach to life, then only they may be open enough to receive the knowledge, which is there for all to use, at whatever times when needed.

There needs to be a new approach. In the distant past human beings all believed in the spiritual world and if anybody did not, they would have been seen to be very strange and dangerous people because they were going against the grain of reality and truth.Unfortunately, the disease of destruction was planted and now, most humans on earth do not believe in the spiritual aspects of life. We lose it at our own high cost. It is better to believe than otherwise as nothing is lost, but not to believe when there is a reality means we lose everything. i am no gambler but this is one thing i am willing to gamble on and the only thing in life worth gambling on.

It maybe that the human race now are just the dregs of an ancient society that did know the truths. I believe that races of humans lived hundreds of thousands of years ago on earth and on other heavenly bodies. This is when most religious writings were first constructed. They were changed as they survived down the ages.

It is apparent that man has lived on earth times before, possibly now the fourth time, and each time we were destroyed to always extinction, leaving behind our knowledge of those past, and wiping out all trace of technology. there are small amounts of evidence in the form of technology, from various parts of the earth.In some case, whole islands sunk under a rising sea level, only to be found much later at the right time. There were survivors then and they managed to create viable breeding colonies, some of which had forgotten about their own ancestors and their history but much of it survived. We read these stories now and think that they are fairy tales, when in fact they are the truth.

We could all know about this but a dark force has engulfed humanity and covered up everything, but again I state that it is all there for those who wish to seek it out, and be enlightened.