True Bugs

True bugs are defined by having sucking mouth parts instead of jaws, so technically most of the insects that people call bugs are not bugs at all but other types of insects or other invertebrates, it is basically a lazy,modern American term.Bugs are mainly small insects that suck plant or animal fluids.Here are a few of the thousands of types we can find in all types of habitats.


A mixture of the same species, the common green shieldbug(Palomena praasina),like most bugs they like to congregate together at certain times of year.


Here one of the above meets another common species the rhombus shield bug(verlusia rhombea)

DSC03304This is a nymph bug of a carnivorous species. It has overpowered a poisonous beetle,the ladybird and is sucking it dry.

DSC02760The scorpion fly(Panorpa species) is a fly, not a bug but has similar mouth parts for the same reason.There are three similar species in Britain, and all are predators orscavengers on other invertebrates. The males sport a telson like tail end.It has taken a cleg, one of the many species of horseflies.


DSC02758I have always liked the colours of leaves of plants that are orange,pink or other subtle shades. A leaf of the broad leaved dock has a juvenile short winged conehead(concephalus dorsalis).

DSC02755This one is another bug, this time a Mirid or capsid bug. there are many types of these very small but pretty insects that usually visit flowers feeding on pollen and small insects.


This nymph bug is the same species as the one eating a ladybird, but this time it has learned how to suck eggs, the eggs of the buff tip moth have been found and the bug is lifting the egg to insert its proboscis into the soft underside of the egg where it is penetrable.

DSC02722The smallest of plant bugs lives on clovers and other leguminous plants on short sword.It is only a millimetre in length.There are many other tiny species that live on various other plants.Some are much smaller than this, some are nearly microscopic to look at.

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