The Natural Stuff

The Natural Stuff - Education


I have given talks and workshops in Dorset and Hampshire primary schools, and worked on long term projects with Key Stage 2 children. The areas have included ecology, natural history, biology and conservation.

Within the science curriculum Living Things And Their Environment l link to first hand experience of teaching about local animals and plants. I cover life processes, growth, nutrition and reproduction. As deputy curator and past president of Bournemouth Natural Science Society I have had experience of field work activities and maintaining a large collection of resources.

Natural History

As a wildlife photographer I have thousands of interesting pictures of local plants, fungi, insects, retiles and amphibians, birds and mammals. The teaching of local natural history is a real eye opener.We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful and rich area in terms of bio-diversity.

I can provide local field lessons that include basic wildlife identification; plants, insects, birds and mammals. Teaching children how not only to look at the world around them but to listen and feel as well.

Geology, Botany, Entomology, and Local History

With older children and young adults my field meetings usually incorporate many natural history disciplines such as geology, botany, entomology, pre-history, local history and my particular specialism zoology. I can tailor my input to suit all ages and cover many current environmental issues.

Lectures and Slideshows

My lectures and slideshows, using established and modern digital projection, are suitable for all groups whether they be natural history societies, women's institutes, clubs, youth clubs and schools. You can view examples of topics by clicking here.

Please contact me for further details and prices.