The Natural Stuff

Photos of Meghalaya, India

A bamboo orchid flowers in the garden of the hotel in Baghmara. Meghalaya is reknown for its many species of orchids, many of them are epiphitic on the teak and banyan trees

Many waterfalls are to be found in Meghalaya, some are huge, others are tiny like this one just outside Tura

In this river are many catfish and large mud eels, the locals catch them before dawn

A typical street in one of the small towns or villages will display market stalls of local people with their produce or wild gathered vegetables

Markets and bazaars

Small bananas related to the wild fruits are eaten and displayed in all markets and bazaars

The Garo people are renowned for their weeving skills and it shows in the traditional bamboo woven houses.

The hill roads are sometimes none existent, and the best setions are festooned with potholes and scree fallen from higher grounds and huge cracks appear all over the place

The holy Garo and Hindu mountain, Chitmang Peak

The large Simsang River

The Simsang river from the tourist hotel at Baghmara

The Simsang River viewed from our tourist lodge.The river is lined with sandy banks during the dry season, but during the moonsoon, the whole flood plane is covered.

The South Garo Hills

The spiritual place of Balpakram

The tourist lodge at Siju

The view from my room at the lodge in Siju

This is a view from the window of one of the hotels in Tura, the largest town in West Garo region.

This is a view from the window of one of the hotels in Tura, the largest town in West Garo region.

This is one of the many bridges over the River Simsang at Siju, a wonderful village and remote jungle area. The bridges were once simply well made bamboo, now steel gurders make them more safe.

This is one of the many species of bamboo to be found in Meghalaya. Some are tiny, just a few inches high, and others are one and a half feet in circumference. this is a large species

View of Chitmang

View of the Simsang

Young banana palms with giant bamboo in the background

Young banana palms

A Tura sunset