The Natural Stuff

Photographs of The Meghalayan Wildlife

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Ring necked parakeet (New Delhi)

Black kites (New Delhi)

Minor birds (New Delhi)

Turtle dove (Baghmara)

Painted storks (New Delhi Zoological Park)

Indian roller

Unidentified eagle (Norkrek National Park)

Gecko (New Delhi)

Tokay type gecko

Lizard in bamboo forest

Golden skink

Large eyed skink

Gecko: I found at least nine gecko species

Cave frog


Burrowing frog

Banded krait

Burmese python

Unknown caterpillar


Spiny caterpillar

Bug feeding on a dead jewel beetle

A tortoise beetle: Aspidomorpha sp

Rainbow leaf hopper

One of many similar blue butterflies

Butterfly on genet scat. Many butterflies take minerals and salts from animal droppings. Here a civet cat has left its territorial scat on a streamside boulder and the butterfly Stibochiona nicea is taking advantage.

Redlacewing Cephosia Biblis: butterfly

At certain points in the jungle where the hill streams create pools and shallow areas, many species on lepidoptera gather to drink such as these Green angles butterflies

Large groups of yellow butterflies drinking

Window moth

A leaf beetle

Stick insect

Stick insect

Blue fly

The diversity of hymenoptera is just amazing. This wasp was one of dozens I came across

A bee and a wasp fighting

Large hornet

There are hundreds of ant species, all different sizes and colours this was a large slow moving species

This large ant seemed to have a body made up of seven segments, and false eyes on its abdomen

Boomerang midge

Hornbill and muntjack skulls in a trophy hunterís cabinet

Fruit bats in one of the many caves

Leeches are everywhere in the damp forest. If bitten, the wound bleeds for a long time as the animal injects anticoagulants

This is a weird big earwig

Citrus indica, or memang narang; the wild orange at Nokrek National park: the site has became a Gene citrus sanctuary. The orange is endangered

Sundew: Drosera Burbaii

Pitcher plant: Nephanthes Khasiana

Small pitcher: Nephanthes species





Cat scat: could be one of several small to medium size cats such as marbled cat, golden cat or clouded leopard, Jungle or leopard cat

There are many typical western house plants here. The cheese plants, rubber plants and Aspidistra grow big in their native lands

Bracket fungi

Orange Bracket fungi

Whip scorpion

Forest scorpion

Hunter spider

Cave dwelling giant huntsman spiders: Holconia species

Giant huntsman spider hand size

Tube bodied spider

Yellow kite spider: Gasteracantha species

Giant orb weever: Nephila maculata

Nephila species

Argiope versicolor

A burrowing cricket. These large squat creatures are everywhere in India and southern Asia. They make underground tunnels with a conspicuous mound with an obvious hole, in sandy soils

A brown bush cricket. These make very loud rattling song

Leaf mimicking green bush cricket

A marbled bamboo bush cricket

Bamboo mantis laying eggs