The Natural Stuff

My Taxidermy at Bournemouth Natural Science Society

Tawny Owl and Ferns and mosses in Victorian Glass Dome

Stoat (above) and Weasel (below) Roadkill

Stag Beetles in a glass dome, 2 x male fighting over one female (below)

Badger, a female mink, polecat, adders, stag beetles, stoat, and weasel

Slow worm and sand lizard


Female Mink

Female sparrowhawk


Lieslers bat, or lesser noctule

Mature sika stag

Roe buck, fox and a female sparrowhawk


Invertebrate Preservation and Mount
(Nephila Spider, South American Butterflies and Weevil)

Short eared owl

Sika stag

Barn Owl

Taxidermy Diorama

Taxidermy Diorama

Taxidermy Diorama

European Wildcat


Two polecats