The Natural Stuff

Sumatra Geography

Pretty rocks adorn the beaches

A school in tradition buffalo horn style

An upmarket house on the edge of town

Seeds and nuts are often dried on the roadside

New houses in cleared land within the ever expanding villages

A fine bridge over one of the larger rivers

Traditional dancers with hobby horses at a young man's
circumcision ceromony

All the trees should have been as tall as this one. More and
more jungle is cleared for farming

Chris loitering ouside the shelter

Our first shelter before it got swept away

I decided to make my camp seperate, until I got rained out!

This was our loo

Tim and Mike in the bathroom

One of our cooks and guides rebuilds the shelter after the storms
with banana leaves

The first kitchen at camp one

We decided to rebuilt on level ground

The crew rebuilt from the contents of the jungle

Camp two still under construction

The finishing touches are done to camp two

This was our kitchen and the fire needed for cooking

Our camp, my clothes did not dry for two weeks, the humididy was
so great

Shattered after a hard treck and waiting for the rain to come at 4pm

We split up into two small groups and searched the jungle. One
place a primate made off in the canopy. It was alone, hid and
obviously it had been eating these figs

Cinnamon leaves

Chris is at a place where we found lean too like structures made
from ratan

Chris puts a sample in a bag

I found some scat on a leaf , possibly primate in was taken
in a file to be anylized later

The cleared areas of jungle have bridges across the many water
ways. some of them have fungi on the dead wood

Typical farming in the cleared land

Chillies were common crop grown

Dally shows mike how to strip a cinnamon trunk

The team interview an Orang Pendek witness

I sketched ape feet for the witness to remember

Making way through the vegetation looking for signs of
Orang Pendek

Tim and Dali falling down a ravine

Mike checks out a possible camera site

Ruby and Lisa

Rebecca and Lisa

One of the many strange footprints that we found

Dally and Mike at the footprint site amongst the tobacco plantation

Mike has administered plaster to a Orang Pendek print

A few of the Orang Pendek footprint casts

Cast 1

Cast 2

One of the many larger rivers

Tea plantations run as far as the eye can see in some places

The typical jungle at ground level

The whole of the western side of Sumatra has a long ridge of
mountains, and they can be seen throughout

Tree ferns adorn the cinnamon trees

Typical jungle at canopy level

This is the lean to we found, an animal ran from nearby but we
could nor see what it was

A motorbike man with durian fruit sells a few to us

Opening up the durian it looks nice but smells like urine and
tastes even worse

Typical vehicles and yards

Produce is put out to dry in the sun. These sights are everywhere

A wild caught bird was imprisoned. A common occupation to
bring in money

On the road

Padang centre