The Natural Stuff

Sumatran Invertebrates

A small flatworm

A hammerhead flat worm

An odd looking slug that did not pocess slime

A leather back slug

A leather back slug

A flat millipede

A white backed flat millipede

A large pill millipede

A giant pill millipede

A small stick insect

A small stick insect

A winged stick insect

A stick insect

A freshly moulted bush cricket

A pale bush cricket


Noctuid moth larvae

Plume moth

A large scalloped moth

One of the tiger butterflies


Striped blue crow

A very nice large bug

A purple dragon fly

A red dragon fly

A fern cicada

A large mealy bug

An assasin bug with a tiny beetle prey

Mottled cicada

A giant flat snail

A bug called chrysocoris stolli

Common fire bugs

A glow worm beetle

Two types of glow worms fire off at night

Green chafer

Little spotted turtle beetle

A porcelain leaf beetle

Silouetted jewel beetle on a banana leaf

A banana weevil

A leaf weevil on the camp roof

This was one of many dung beetles

Seed weevil

Large leaf beetle

A small longhorn beetle

A small longhorn tended by ants

A large beetle larvae

A golden stag beetle

Delta winged leaf bug

A crane fly

We found several of these pretty caddis flies

A stalk-eyed fly

Ants rule the forests

A Malaysian ant

Malaysian dragonfly

Ants in the jungle often live freely under large leaves

Wild Sumatran bees



Mole cricket

Camouflaged cricket

Yellow Malaysian grasshopper

Cyclosid spider

Common orchard spider

A blue leaf beetle on tropical groundsel

A giant huntsman spider

A frog mimicking crab spider

Tiny mygalomorph

Green harvestman

Blue harvestman

Red harvestman

A yellow harvestman

Seed or frass mimicking beetle

A cockroach nymph

A fern cicada

A few ants deal with a moth larvae

A Gasteracantha spider

A glow worm beetle

A glow worm caught in a jar

A millipede

A mimicking arachnid

A small longhorn beetle

A solitary wasp

A tiny spider

A very nice bush cricket

A wax winged moth

Another large longhorn attracted to light

Common sulphur butterfly

Large longhorn beetles often came to light

Little skippers are common and a range of similar looking species

Metalic soldier fly

There were so many cockroach species

Two hunting spiders on the leaf litter

This giant weevil had tiny ants living inside it