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Madagascar. The isle of biodiversity

In 2014, myself along with four other people went to Madagascar to study the diverse wildlife. The island of the east coast of Africa is amazing and very bio-diverse. Like all tropical areas it is under great pressure from human activity;forests are being cut and burned. The remaining rain forest lies along the eastern edge of the island bordered by highlands which play a role in weather. The east coast rainforests are rich because of rain at certain times of year, contrasting with the dry desert like areas of the west and south. We studies insects, spiders, frogs and reptiles and photographed many species, many of which are new to science. I have hundreds of photos to publish here, so over the next few weeks I hope to have them all on. Many species have not been identified so if any people knowledgeable on Malagasy wildlife can help out, that would be great.


Flower Chafer

Nephilengys Borbonica

Nephila Madagascariensis

Mantella Baroni

Mantella Aurantiaca

Malagassy Nightjar